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As of March 2016, Innovation Way East (formerly Magnolia Ranch) is now combined with International corporate park and listed as Sunbridge

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Innovation Way East – Denied by the BCC in June 2010


June 22, 2010: Approval of USA expansion at this time would provide inappropriate precedent for further unneeded expansion. Staff agrees there is no need. (click on map to the right to enlarge)

Lake Mary Jane Alliance Members were anonymously surveyed over the weekend and with 186 responses, 70% felt the Urban Service Area should not be expanded and want this project denied, 21% thought a compromise was worth the sacrifice if it completely protected land east of Turkey Creek. 9% percent thought either option above. 0% wanted full approval. Orange County shall not support expansions of the Urban Service Area that indicate the project may result in sprawl.

gis map
Canoing on Lake Mary Jane

Click the PDF icon pdf of presentation for the full 2010 Powerpoint presentation