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Camino Reale

Camino Reale is the land between Live Oak Estates and The TM Ranch. On the previous application from 2010 the only ACCESS Rd would be from the TM Ranch Driveway onto LAKE MARY JANE RD! Their current proposal is for 3000 homes and 330,000 sq ft of commercial.


That kind of traffic would destroy our quiet rural settlement community that currently has 565 homes all together! (Live Oak is included in that number with under 150 homes.) As of Jan 2016 we have come to agreements with Camino that there will be NO ACCESS to LMJ Rd from TM Ranch for any kind of traffic including temporary or construction traffic. Residents in the newest section of Live Oak have agreed to a 100 ft natural buffer that the developer will add additional trees if needed, but the residents in the older rural section along LMJ Rd and phase 1 of Live Oak estates are not in agreement with the 100 ft buffer and are requesting a minimum of 150 ft. natural buffer. (The original request has always been a 200 ft buffer.) The developer will also build like to like lots and match the existing lot lines along the edge of the rural settlement.

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