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MAPS of Innovation Way Roads

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Why Vote No on Amendment 2

Updated info and maps, this is by Tavistock the developer, but most recent info. (October 2020) -

How we got to this route and compensation package:

The Lake Mary Jane Alliance along with numerous environmental and local groups have formed a group of representatives from CFX, Tavistock, Deseret, FCW, Audubon, Sierra Club, Friends of Split Oak, LMJ Alliance, Osceola & Orange County EPD. This group has held multiple meetings to review alternative solutions to lessen the impacts to Split Oak Forest. The majority of this group feel that the routes going around Split Oak will not be selected because the cost will be too much to go around some eminent domain properties and the lands already planned for development. These representatives (other than Friends of Split Oak) have agreed that alignment “REFINEMENT 1A” along with a significant compensation package could be an acceptable solution if the expressway must go through Split Oak.

Other alignment options: (see map at bottom)

The CFX maps show an alternate route 6 that goes around Split Oak and route 5 that goes along the bottom portion of Split Oak – but CFX said that they go too close to existing communities and will probably not be selected because of cost. They also do not include the 1400+ acres of additional conservation lands. It has been suggested that if CFX does not go through Split Oak, they may stop construction at Narcoossee Rd for now – and then continue the road through Split Oak down the road – but at that point the conservation lands in Osceola will already be built on – so future route choices could be worse and would not include these compensation lands.

The Friends of Split Oak hold their position that there should never be a road through Split Oak Forest. Not happy with routes 5 or 6 outside of Split Oak (see maps below), the founder of Friends of Split Oak has created her own alignment that goes about 1000 feet around the borders of Split Oak. The LMJ Alliance respects the position to go around Split Oak, but suggests this as a secondary choice because there would be NO buffers or conservation lands included, which would mean that high intensity development in Osceola would go right up to the southern borders of Split Oak, Moss Park, and Isle of Pines Preserve. We also feel that conservation lands adjacent to the Lake Mary Jane Rural Settlement are important to buffer our communities from Sunbridge Parkway and potential high impact development in the future, as well as to help prevent flooding and to filter the waters flowing into Lake Mary Jane and Lake Hart from the massive development in Osceola.

Other Options for Plan 1A Don't Split Split Oak!